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Native Instruments Drum Lab Crack melanlo




The ultimate drum set experience, featuring the most advanced sound, performance and feel of any drum set you’ve ever played. Roland’s interactive and intuitive drum triggers provide unlimited expressive sounds and performance capabilities. Acoustic drum components such as a snare, kick, and bass drum are coupled with a powerful hybrid electronics system and a broad frequency range, allowing the user to integrate virtually any song and compose entirely new music. HEAVY-DUTY, HIGH-DENSITY DRUM HUB The Drumlab includes a high-density 32-inch drum hub and set of 14 high-quality 32-inch drums - such as a rim-shot snare, a high-tension snare, a tom, floor tom, or a crash cymbal - and an 18-inch hi-hat cymbal. A 14-inch bass drum shell is included to use with the included kick drum, and 6 toms are included with the platform. In addition, you can install an optional drum rack that holds 16 more drums in the trunk of the drum platform. Zippered Trunk Designed to give the Drumlab the same intuitive feel as a smartphone, the device's trunk is a smart, customizable storage compartment that zips shut with the press of a button. Access it whenever you need, and it can be folded back open when you’re ready to use it. With the Trunk in the Drumlab, you can customize the storage for your gear and conveniently access the 1,600mAh battery, external battery charger, and external microphone. TRUEDIUM EXPRESS DRUM ACCESSORIES The TRUEDIUM collection includes a set of Tru-Tone hi-hats, Tru-Tone splash cymbals, and a Tru-Tone 18-inch floor tom. Tru-Tone hi-hats feature an acoustic rim or chrome-plated steel shell, a convenient quick-release mounting system, and a real rubber rim for maximum resonance and feel. Tru-Tone splash cymbals feature a soft cloth interior and a durable hard shell, and provide an acoustic response. TRU-TONE 18-inch floor tom features a hard shell with a steel rim and rimshot sound. DETACHABLE TAP SET, MULTI-PURPOSE DRUM RACK, AND UNIVERSAL DRUM RACK BAG A




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